Behind the Scenes with Kaley O'Kelley

By Vique Rojas / When it comes to working with someone, they don’t get much nicer than Kaley O’Kelly. And after shooting with her I can say the newlywed found her perfect match in her husband Paul.

Rise and Shine with Kaley O'Kelley

BY WENDY RUBICAM EVANS / A self-proclaimed tomboy, 3TV’s newest anchor, Kaley O’Kelley, talks about waking up at 2 a.m., doing her own hair and makeup, and her connections to the community.

Fear Factor – The Science Of Scare

BY KALEY O’KELLEY / What scares you? A dark room? The sound of shattering glass? You may be surprised to learn what happens to the human body when we’re scared.

DFW Personalities Share Memories of Summer Camp

BY DAVID MARTINDALE / Special to the Star-Telegram We asked Dallas-Fort Worth personalities what the camp experience was like for them. Their stories are sure to make you nostalgic — even if you never went to camp.

‘Mama Shotgun’ On A Mission To Educate About Shooting Sports

BY KALEY O’KELLEY / CBSDFW.COM Jeanie Almond is on top of her game! In a sport dominated by men she was the first woman to ever win a National Shotgun Championship.

Why Some North Texans Are Bio Hacking

BY KALEY O’KELLEY / We live in a digital world filled with computers, cell phones even fitness trackers. People now use technology for everyday conveniences. But how far would you go to make life easier?

Best of Our Valley 2011: Arts & Entertainment

BY NICOLE BROPHY / Five-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Kaley O’Kelley is no stranger to viewers around the Valley, especially in the early morning hours.

Kaley O’Kelley Opens Up About “Life Altering Moment”

BY KALEY O’KELLEY / CBS 11’s Kaley O’Kelley opened up about a recent health scare. With her absence from the anchor desk, many CBS 11 viewers have been asking where she has been in recent days.