Anything left to cross off your list? What?

(For us? The bumper boats, an early morning visit to the zoo, and a trip to see Aunt Shelbee in Seattle).

What a journey this summer has been.

I’ve loved being with the kids and focusing on quality time. Its been a season full of adventure and some challenges too for our family. The kids are resilient. We are with my parents in Arizona.

Tonight, cleaning out my email in box I found my audition the day I interviewed at CBS Dallas/ Fort Worth.

Doug Dunbar was so kind. At that time I was auditioning for the 4PM spot left open by friend Tracy Kornet who was my former co-host on Sonoran Living at ABC15 in Phoenix

Doug was easy to play off of because in many ways he reminded me of my brother from another mother … Scott Pasmore at 3TV who I adore.

Just wanted to share my smile tonight as I walk down memory lane.

The kids go back to school next month and with that will come more change. Right now, I’m working to finalize those details and look forward to sharing that when I know more.

Just feeling blessed to be here with my parents right now as we embark on this brand new way of life.